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What: Split Finger Handmade IceBike Mittens.

Cold weather cycling gloves.  Cold weather bicycling gloves

IceBike Mittens relative to a foot long ruler

Cold weather cycling gloves, cold weather bicycling gloves

IceBike Mittens on hands

Cold weather cycling gloves.  Cold weather bicycling gloves.

IceBike Mitten wool inserts relative to a foot long ruler.

Cold weather cycling gloves.  Cold weather bicycling gloves.

IceBike Mitten wool inserts on hands.

Why: These are high quality handmade cold weather cycling gauntlet gloves constructed with a long cuff, windproof materials, removable snap in handmade wool liners, and a cinch band around the wrist to regulate heat.  IceBike Mittens seal out the cold.  They keep my fingers warm when riding for hours in temperatures lower than 30 degrees Fahrenheit and allow me flexibility to freely move my hands between my handlebars and bar ends.

I chose IceBike Mittens cold weather cycling gloves over various models of “Bike Poagies, Moose Mitts, and Bar Mitts” because the IceBike Mittens have easily removable snap in wool linings that can be taken out of the gloves really fast for regular washing and cleaning.  Plus, replacement snap in wool linings are available, if needed.

Overall impression:  IceBike Mittens are well made high quality cold weather cycling gloves.  They are my favorite go to gloves when temperatures dip below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.  I attribute the effectiveness of these gloves to the long cuffs and the materials used including deerskin, thick neoprene, and wool liners.

On a Mountain bike shifting and braking are easy with the split finger gloves.  I have had no problems at all

How used:  For best results I use the cinch band around the wrist of the glove to regulate heat retention.  To maintain heat within the cold weather cycling glove I cinch closed the bands.  When my hand begins to get a little warm and/or start to perspire I slightly or fully open the draw cords to allow heat and moisture to escape.  The length of the gauntlet provides a good regulator when using the wrist cinch bands for heat management.  Since I wear IceBike Mittens during aerobic exercise, I also wear an additional polypropylene glove liner to help move sweat away from my hands.  Wearing IceBike Mittens I have comfortably ridden for hours in air temperatures of 10 degrees F with 20 mph winds.  That is the coldest that I have been able to test them to date.  I will provide updates when I can test them in colder conditions.

When I am done with my ride I unsnap the wool liners and let them air dry separately from the glove shells.  This seems to work well and both dry within 18 hours.

Lessons learned:  Icebike Mittens are cold weather cycling gloves handmade in a small shop in Duluth, MN.  Only a limited number of these Mittens are manufactured each year.  Should you want a pair let the owner know as far in advance of the season as possible.  When in stock purchase them right away.  Do not wait or they will be gone for the year.

Cost: Approximately $145 for the glove and snap in wool lining.  Additional wool linings available for approximately $35 should you ever need/want some.

Retail outlet: Empire Canvas Works